Monday, July 4, 2011

Etsy Hearts & Grammar School


If you are a shopper or seller on Etsy you have the capability of giving an item a heart signifying that it is a favorite of yours.  I love this practice both as a buyer and a seller.  Receiving a heart on an item I am selling typically doesn't mean the giver is intending to buy the item.  Sometimes they are marking your item as a favorite because they really like it or are trying to make a decision between your item and several other similar items as to which one to purchase.  Other times they are "hearting" an item to use it in an Etsy treasury-a collection of items around a theme that all viewers can enjoy.  No matter how many hearts my items receive in my Etsy shop, it always gives me a little flutter and makes me smile.  Silly, maybe, but it brings me back to grammar school.  It was hard to top the feeling of getting a sticker or star on a paper done well.  A pumpkin or witch stuck at the top of a test or a piece of homework around Halloween or maybe a cornucopia around Thanksgiving was enough to send my young spirit soaring with pride.  I can't imagine something so small would even be noticed by children of today, but back then it was the best feeling.  Etsy hearts bring that small child feeling back to me.  

This item in my Etsy Shop just received a heart as someone's favorite.  I also love this little vintage pot.  I am not sure what it was originally used for and it probably had a lid at one time.  I love the unique style and color.  I hope this gave someone a warm sticker feeling...

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  1. You know, I don't think I ever thought of it that way, but I agree. It is a special feeling that comes over you when your shop or items gets a heart.