Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm not very fond of New Jersey...

Things have changed a little since I now have a few followers.  When I was just blabbing out to the internet nothingness, it didn't cross my mind to keep things in check.  Now that the potential for people who don't know me will read what I write, I feel I must act more in a way one would when you are in a social setting with people you don't know.  Even with my very polite social self on, I have to say I do not like New Jersey!  Sorry if that offends anyone.  I recently drove by myself from North Carolina where I now live to Rhode Island where I am now spending some much needed vacation time.  This 16 hour trip took me through New Jersey and I could tell the difference just as soon as I crossed the state line.  Their roads are the pits-full of bumps and holes and patches of ill attempts to fix worn out areas.  Drivers seem more aggressive and everyone moves together in a pack going well over the speed limit.  If you aren't in a pack you feel like you will literally get run over.  My immediate thought when I crossed the state line was-they obviously don't put their tax dollars into their highways.  I grit my teeth, got in a pack and shot on through the state.  Coincidentally, when I got to RI, a relative of mine was talking about his trip here and he also mentioned NJ.  He actually received an electronic speeding ticket that he received in the mail about 3 weeks after he went through.  I had never heard of such a thing.  Evidentally, this form of a speeding ticket is common in NJ.  Cameras are attached to poles on the side of the road and BINGO, you have a speeding ticket with no human involvement.  He was lamenting that he was going exactly as fast as "the pack" yet he just happened to be snapped to receive an electronic ticket.  Something just feels so wrong about this to me.  Having a machine giving speeding tickets that you receive 3 weeks after your crime seems like such a trap.  His wife asked him if he knew when it happened and he said "oh, yes-I saw the flashing light".  And then I remembered an odd flashing light that I had also experienced....So, I would imagine I'll have at least one electronic ticket from New Jersey arriving in my mail several weeks after I get home from my lovely vacation.  And they don't even use the proceeds for their roads.  Nope, I don't like anything about New Jersey-their roads, their computerized speeding ticket machines, Jersey Shore....


  1. Sorry you had such a bad experience in NJ! We got caught with a flash a few years ago in Florida....the ticket never arrived, though, so hang in there. Maybe they won't be able to find you. Of course we were in a borrowed truck....maybe that helped! Enjoy vacation and forget about the possible ticket for now.

  2. Oh, one more thing: be yourself! You're such a funny writer, as your newest follower, I'm looking forward to more of this! Thanks

  3. I grew up in FL and when the snowbirds would come down for the winter we used to kid about the rotten drivers from NJ.

    Isn't NJ a beautiful state when you get into the countryside? I was shocked to see that. I think I thought it was all like the cities.