Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Beads

I love vintage beads!  I have been collecting vintage beaded necklaces from the 1950's and 1960's for many years.  The visual beauty of these necklaces catches my eye, but it's much more than this that forces my hand up at auctions and leads me shamelessly to the "junk" jewelry boxes at thrift stores.  I love how they feel in my hand and I love the history that they hold.  I love the kitschy plastic baubles just as much as the expensive necklaces.  Even though I have dresser drawers bulging with vintage necklaces that I rarely actually wear, I can not stop.  I love vintage beads!

I have learned over my years that you have to pick your battles and typically it is best to just go with the flow.  Rather than give up my addiction for vintage beaded necklaces, I have found a way to bring respect to this addiction.  I make earrings from vintage beads and sell them in my Etsy shop.  It's a win/win situation.  I now have a purpose for buying vintage beaded necklaces and my customers can purchase one of a kind earrings designed from vintage beads.  Sometimes it hurts a little to make the first snip with the scissors when I am cutting a necklace to harvest the beads.  Sometimes my scissors won't work and I have to keep the necklace...

There are so many unique vintage beads.  These little pieces of history make some fabulous earrings.   

Sometimes they are like little pieces of art.

Look how interesting these hematite beads are.  Chances are good you won't run into someone else wearing a pair of earrings like these.

These gorgeous lavender earrings are made with sugar beads and crackle beads.

I think I wore earrings similar to these orange ones many years ago.

I know I wore earrings similar to this pair in the 1970's.

These lavender crackle beads and heavy crystals would make gorgeous earrings for bridesmaids.

These look good enough to eat.

These lime green foil beads make great summer earrings.

These fancy purple earrings have a fabulous sparkle.

This is another great example of how different and unique vintage beads are.

I'm just going with the flow.  Someone who does not understand the creative mind may still view my vintage beads as an addiction.  There's a fine line between addiction and creative passion.  I crossed that line many years ago and I'm ok with that...

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  1. Love the lavendar crackle beads and those cute retro peace symbol earrings, too!

  2. Those peace symbol earrings - really cool!

  3. Love the Lavendar Earrings, those are gorgeous!

  4. I like the last pair and how they don't match exactly. I often wear 2 different earrings on each side. Just depending on the look I'm going for!

  5. These are great creations! I think it is great that you have found a way to use the great finds you have uncovered in your vintage addiction.

  6. You do such beautiful work. I love it all!!!

  7. Thanks for all these great comments!!

  8. Those are such pretty earrings! You sure do have a great talent for displaying your items in a creative way. I love the teacup and that bottom picture is great. The earrings show up so nice against that rock. Perfect!!!

  9. Thanks for the nice comment, Sher!

  10. These are all lovely and exquisitely done. You should be proud for upcycling these beautiful vintage beads.

  11. Your earrings are absolutely gorgeous! You are so right in saying that they are unique!

  12. Nice blog! Following and would love a follow back!

  13. Thank you for the nice comment, Theresa! And, thank for following my blog Dee!!