Sunday, November 13, 2011

Right Now is My Least Favorite Season

Why are these words tumbling uncontrollably out of my mouth?!?  I love everything about fall~

I love the crisp air, Halloween, the beautiful mountain colors.  I love all the holidays all bunched together and the time spent making joyous memories with family and friends.  Halloween is the beginning of a holiday cluster that lasts all the way through New Year's Eve or even Valentine's Day.  So what's my problem with this time of year?  "Those People" that are attempting to turn this happy holiday cluster into a cluster f@%# - sorry, it just came out.........

Ok.  There's no question, I get it.  I understand marketing, Black Friday, everyone scrambling for their piece of the retail pie.  I also participate to a certain degree with my Etsy Shop.  But, it seems no one is following the #1 rule-CHRISTMAS CAN NOT BEGIN UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING!!  Who gave anyone permission to change that rule??  While we are at it, let's just change the name to Hallowthankmas... 

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all happen in about two days in the retail world.  It absolutely amazes me that some of these major marts can be all about Halloween one day with tons of displays and floor space and on November 1st, everything has vanished, paper turkeys are everywhere and Santa and all his trimmings is sneaking up the back of the store.  I can only imagine what happens between closing time on October 31st and opening time on November 1st.  I envision a hoard of mart employees all running and yelling at each other with broken bits of the clashing holidays all over the floor.  "Hurry!!  We have to go faster!  If you run across any freakin' candy corn-you've got to just eat it for God's sake!!"

It is extremely difficult not to get caught up in this mass produced holiday frenzy.  When I start hearing Christmas carols on the radio the day after Halloween, my very passive self wants to beat the stuffings out of my radio.  Yes, I probably lose control of my words then also.  Thanksgiving quickly becomes the red headed step-child and it's all about Christmas.  Everywhere.  What should be a wonderful, happy time shared with loved ones can quickly become a season full of frenzy and angst.  "Those People" are in the radio, on television, in the stores.  Have you finished your shopping?  You need to start some holiday baking.  You will forget someone, so it's smart to have extra unisex gifts ready.  Martha makes her gift tags after she makes the paper.  Why not make homemade Christmas ornaments this year?  It's your turn to have a Christmas party, you know.  My Christmas tree theme is...what's your's?  You should join a gym now, because you will get fat....

This holiday cluster, I vow to not let "Those People" clutter my head with anything that changes the meaning of these holidays for me.  Thanksgiving will be a special day unto itself and I will give thanks for all the people that have blessed my life.  I vow not to swear at my radio when a Christmas carol sneaks out before I can flip it to another station.  I vow to try not to have this time of year my least favorite season.  What advice do I have?  Humor helps.  And maybe a little wassail.  Yeah, humor and wassail as often as you can get away with it.  There's just something about hot alcohol.... 

Looks like Thanksgiving couldn't hold his tongue either...




  1. Agree with the sentiments absolutely! There's way too much commercialisation about these days and the real meaning behind all the festivals has long been lost!

    Still, you seem to be determined not to be swayed by all the hype - good luck in that: and maybe, you'd like to just rest a bit and visit my blog at, where you'll get a nice rest reading about how I make, mend and otherwise create soft, cuddly toys (for all ages!) and then try to sell them at my shop

    You'd be most welcome, and it would make a change from being hassled by the retailers!

    All the best. Isobel

  2. OMG kill me. But it's so true, and I can't stand to see Halloween and Christmas stuff out at the same time. What happened to taking one holiday at a time? I too, am enjoying one at a time (except for that treasury I made yesterday....couldn't help myself!) I'm looking forward to a house full of people for Thanksgiving, and then it's really time to get on the ball and start shopping...yeah, I haven't even started on Christmas!

  3. I agree 100%. Love the last image.

  4. Your description of the retail employees switching from one holiday to the next is hilarious! Here in Canada we've finished with Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff is out in full force.

  5. Great rant! I'm a one-holiday-at-a-time woman too.

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